Summary of Tehtäväniekka 4/2019

Summary of Tehtäväniekka 4/2019

The composition on the cover won a recent quick composing competition, which took place during our society’s autumn meeting. Any kind of compositions showing moves, which simultaneously both unpin and pin, were required. See p. 150 for the complete solution. We have also a report on the meeting, which included composing, lectures, discussions and solving. The solution for the diagrammed 3#, used in the solving competition, is on p. 175.

Our society’s annual meeting of 2020 takes place on February 15. On the same day we have the Finnish Championship in Solving, see p. 144. For an invitation in English, please visit the WFCC website, as the competition is a part of the Solving World Cup. On the next page we have the invitation to the 16th ISC for January 26, 2020.

In this issue we announce Harri Hurme MT, an international composing competition for orthodox three-movers without a set theme. Three-movers was Harri’s favourite genre of composing. See p. 145 for the announcement, please reprint and participate! On pp. 152–153 we have compositions dedicated to the memory of Harri.

The two-movers published in our magazine in 1999–2000 should have been judged by late Milan Velimirović. His long-time compatriot Marjan Kovačević kindly volunteered to replace Milan, for which we are very grateful. There were 42 entries, see the award on pp. 146–149.

Kari Valtonen continues his articles on composition themes and terms. This time he gives an insight into Chicco, Ekström and Chicco 2. As so often, there is plenty of interesting material to study, see pp. 154–160. Neal Turner has compiled a selection of recently successful compositions by Finnish composers, see pp. 161–163. On the last page of this compilation we are happy to have another input by Neal: Paha Pähkinä, a Tough Nut to Crack. This time you are invited to have a jolly good time solving a helpmate.

In the end of November, Jorma Paavilainen gave a short presentation to general chess public on Harri Hurme as a chess problemist. A selection of compositions shown is on pp. 164–165.

The originals columns fill the pages 166–175. Your contributions to the columns are much appreciated!

Elsewhere in this issue you may find composing competition announcements, recent ratings of solvers from a very Finnish point of view and news for our Finnish readers.
Thank you, dear reader, for the year 2019! The next issue is due to appear in March 2020.

Published 12th December 2019

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