Summary of Tehtäväniekka 3/2019

Summary of Tehtäväniekka 3/2019

Harri Hurme died at the age of 74 on September 23, 2019. He was the vice-chairman of our society for more than 30 years. Harri held international titles in composing, solving and OTB chess. Many of our readers abroad knew him personally from international chess congresses and solving competitions. Harri became early interested in chess compositions, his first FIDE Album problems were published in 1962. He was still able to participate in the Vilnius WFCC and do well in composing, as the cover problem, his last composition, shows. See pp. 96–100 for an obituary and compositions dedicated to his memory.

We are also sad to inform on another death, as Brita Hannelius, the widow of Jan Hannelius, passed away on September 15, 2019, at the age of 99. See p. 100.

As usual, the autumn issue of our magazine focuses on the WFCC congress. The event was smoothly organised, the solving hall was excellent, the weather was nice: what else could you ask for? From a Finnish perspective the congress did not bring much success. We publish the results of the open solving competition and of the World Championship competition, a selection of successful Finnish problems in composing competitions and reports on official decisions, solving events and general impressions. See pp. 101–117.

The autumn meeting of our society takes place in the first weekend of November. Participants can enjoy lectures, solving and composing events and discussions. See p. 106 for the invitation.

Recently successful Finnish compositions are on pp. 118–120. Thanks to Neal Turner for compiling the material and congratulations to the composers of these ten compositions! Paha Pähkinä, A Tough Nut to Crack, can be found on p. 120. Per Olin was successful also in the recently concluded FIDE World Cup of Composing, finishing 3rd in the retro section, see p. 121.

On the following pages we pay tribute to Dieter Kutzborski, who died on April 27, 2019. He was a remarkable composer, as the selected nine compositions and comments by Joose Norri show, see pp. 121–124. On the page 125 we have dedication problems to our members, who have recently celebrated their significant birthdays.

The award for the 25 JT of Lahti area composers has been published. Henry Tanner reports on the top ranked compositions in both groups and Finnish successes, see pp. 126–127. On the next page we have the list of Finnish composers with FIDE Album points.

The originals columns are on pp. 129–139. We are happy to receive your originals, see the columns for contact information.

The next issue is due to appear in December.

Published 14th October 2019

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