Summary of Tehtäväniekka 2/2021

Summary of Tehtäväniekka 2/2021

Our cover photo was taken over 40 years ago and shows two famous problemists and solvers: Harri Hurme and Pauli Perkonoja. In the photo, the two champion solvers celebrate their success in Canterbury congress in 1978. Sadly, Harri is no longer with us, but in this issue we have the award of his memorial tourney. The judge was another famous Finnish solver, solving GM and ex-world champion Kari Valtonen. See pp. 52–61 for the award. Congratulations to successful composers and thank you both to the judge and Riitta Hurme, who kindly donated the prizes.

Neal Turner continues to tease solvers with his tough nuts to crack, see p. 61. Neal is more than happy to have proposals for his column, so feel free to contribute. This time the chosen nut is a proposal by Henry Tanner.

Strong solving programs have allowed composers more freedom and possibilities to express ideas, which were earlier practically impossible to realise. Hannu Harkola gives an overview of the current situation on p. 62. On the following page Ilkka Blom, famous for his Alybadix program, tells shortly the history of his brainchild.

An active user of Alybadix, Teppo Mänttä, informs on a famous competion for Wenigsteiner (= compositions with no more than four pieces). The annual competition is judged by a panel of experts, who select the top Wenigsteiners from various sources and different composers. As examples you may wish to study two examples by Teppo himself. See pp. 64–66.

Pauli Perkonoja turns 80 on July 19, 2021. We honour him on pp. 66–67 by a short article on the legendary solver and great composer. Pauli is still going strong: he composes actively and follows closely both the domestic and international chess composition events.

Joose Norri is one of our youngest active Finnish members. He turned 50 in June, see p. 68. Joose has not yet been very prolific as a composer, but we hope to see more of his output in the next decades. We have dedication compositions both to Joose and Pauli on pp. 68–69.

On the next page we are sad to have to say farewell to two significant problemists, Odette Vollenweider and Yves Cheylan.

The originals columns are on pp. 71–86. We do not have the study column, but in the next issue we should be able to enjoy studies once again. You are encouraged to send your compositions to the editors of the columns. We finish this issue with a presentation of a topical book, BCPS Centenary Review 1918 – 2018.

The next issue is due to appear before the Rhodes congress.

Published 15th July 2021

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