Summary of Tehtäväniekka 4/2020

Summary of Tehtäväniekka 4/2020

Our cover problem is by Jukka Tuovinen, who turned 60 on November 14, 2020. You can find the solution and another example of his composing skill on p. 187.

Our society´s annual meeting of 2021 takes place on February 20. On the same day we have the Finnish Championship in Solving, which is a part of the Solving World Cup. See p. 168 for the invitations.

Joose Norri studies five Hermann Weißauer’s compositions, see pp. 169–170. Weißauer, born in 1920, was influential as a composer, editor, and organiser. On pp. 171–175 Antti Parkkinen shares his experiences from meetings with chess problemists in France and Finland, encouraging participation in meetings such as these. See also the back cover with photos from meetings in Tampere and Helsinki, both in 2020.

Paavo Tikka has corrected studies by Finnish composers, see pp. 175–177 for three recent corrections. Please note that study no. 2 is diagrammed in its original and incorrect form, Tikka corrects by adding a bPc7. Paha Pähkinä, a Tough Nut to Crack, selected by Neal Turner, is on p. 177.

Kari Valtonen continues his articles and deals this time with Excelsior, see pp. 177–187. Once again, there is plenty of interesting and educative material available.

Recently distinguished Finnish compositions, compiled by Neal Turner, are presented on pp. 188–191. On the next two pages we give a short report on the Home Solving Tournament, held on December 5, 2020. On p. 194 we pay attention to a presentation of contemporary studies, given by Thomas Ristoja in October.

The originals columns start on p. 195 and end on p. 207. Your contributions to the columns are welcome!

Thank you, dear readers, for the year 2020! The next issue is due to appear in March 2021.

Published 14th December 2020

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