Summary of Tehtäväniekka 2/2018

Summary of Tehtäväniekka 2/2018

Kauko Väisänen, the composer of our cover problem, passed away in March at the age of 84. He composed many lightweight problems with occasional solvers and players in mind, showing economically basic ideas of composition. On the other hand, he managed challenging themes in orthodox mates and complex mathematical chess problems. See pp. 65–66 for a short obituary and a few compositions by Kauko.

On the first pages of this issue we have two awards. On pp. 56–59 you will find Eckart Kummer’s award of longer helpmates published in 20152016, on pp. 60–64 we have Joose Norri’s award of fairies published in 2012–2013. For the latter competition Joose was only recently appointed as a judge. Studying both awards should be both interesting and of educational value. Many thanks to the judges and congratulations to the successful composers!

The spring meeting of our society took place in the beginning of April. The program consisted of familiar elements such as composing, solving, lectures and discussions. A short report is on p. 64. The autumn meeting will most likely take place during the last weekend of October. If you feel the urge to visit Finland and meet our problemists, you are most welcome to time your visit so that you can participate!

Virgil Nestorescu, a Rumanian Grandmaster of composing, passed away on June 21, 2018. He was best known for his studies and we have one example of his large output on p. 66. On the following pages we have nine recently successful Finnish compositions, see pp. 67–69. Thanks to Neal Turner for compiling the material and compliments to the composers on your achievements!

Neal has also selected A Tough Nut to Crack, providing difficulties for anyone daring to attempt solving. This time’s Nut is by Kenneth Solja, notorious for his long and challenging helpmates. The solvers in the British Championship suffered with this one, what about you?

On pp. 70–78 we have an extensive article by Kari Valtonen, dealing with Albino: definition, early examples, development and applications in self- and helpmates. 33 carefully selected examples are discussed, making for top-class reading. More about the history of the term is provided by Henry Tanner on pp. 78–79.

The originals columns are on pp. 80–91. You are encouraged to send your originals to the editors of the columns! The next issue is due to appear in autumn after the Ohrid WCCC.

Published 5th July 2018

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